I am Santosh.I am visual 100% impairment,  i am living at badlapur. I need a proper job

About Us

At Child Vision Foundation, we are committed to transforming the lives of disabled individuals who are living in extreme poverty because of inability/education . Many Genius of these individuals face unimaginable challenges including a lack of basic necessities such as food, education, shelter and medical care. Tragically, they are often abandoned by their families who are unable or unwilling to care for them due to their own hardships and busy lives.

Our initiative focuses on providing comprehensive support to disabled individuals, helping them become self-reliant and live with dignity, hence we took initiative and started our project as "HELPING DISABLED" after Lockdown in 2022. Under this project we aim to ensure that they have access to food, shelter, medical requirements, and education etc.. By empowering them with the necessary skills and resources, we strive to integrate them into society as independent and productive members.

We have successfully transformed the lives of 600 disabled individuals, helping them to regain their confidence and live independently. However, many more are waiting for our support, and with your help, we can reach them sooner.

Our Key Initiatives

Basic Needs Support: Providing essential items such as food, clothing, and safe housing.

Healthcare Services: Offering medical care, assistive devices, and rehabilitation programs.

Education and Skill Development: Facilitating access to education and vocational training to help them gain employment and live independently.

Community Integration: Working to raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with disabilities, encouraging community involvement and support.

Our Impact
How You Can Help

We are seeking corporate partners to join us in this vital mission. Your support can take various forms, including:
Financial donations to fund our programs.
Sponsorship of specific projects or events.
Employee volunteer programs to provide hands-on assistance.
In-kind contributions such as food, medical supplies, or educational materials.

Benefits of Partnership

Strengthen your corporate social responsibility profile and enhance your brand’s reputation.
Engage your employees in meaningful volunteer opportunities or providing career opportunities to Disables.
This will make a tangible difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.
We would be delighted to discuss potential partnership opportunities with you in more detail.